The Liberty Brigade - Graphic Novel - 100+ pages of action!!

Created by Michael Finn

A WW II story featuring Golden Age heroes/villains of the 1940s by Ron Frenz, Barry Kitson, Michael Finn & Mark Waid (editor)

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Update on our Progress
about 5 years ago – Thu, Mar 21, 2019 at 02:46:21 AM

First, thank you very much for your continued support - pages continue to come flying in and I wanted to show off two works in progress for the Villains origin book.  

Lets start with the pencils for the Origin of the Puzzler by Dark Horse/Zenescope penciler Ace Continuado -- I think this is great

Here is the rough for the Origin of the Cougar by Jomar Bulda of Sketchpad Studios --

Kickstarter - Heroes of the Golden Age #3
about 5 years ago – Thu, Mar 21, 2019 at 01:01:46 AM

It's no secret that we are good friends with the guys at Temporal Comics; heck they even did a Special for us here at Thrilling Nostalgic Comics

Well they are back with a new Kickstarter for their third issue of Heroes of the Golden Age; a reference guide to public domain heroes. They have even signed Robert Greenberger to write this issue - you may remember Robert as the research/editor of DC Comics' Who's Who series.

We can't recommend this series enough and with each successful campaign means we will get MORE issues! So please consider pledging.



Update - Good News and Bad News
about 5 years ago – Wed, Mar 13, 2019 at 10:47:27 PM

More pages to show off -- the good news is that pages have been pouring in by the batchful and the art teams are busy as all get out -- Ron and Barry are doing amazing pencils and Joe and Mick are inking beautifully.  The one page origins of heroes and villains are likewise coming in every day -- let me show off a page from Barry below.  Also, we have added CHRIS SOTOMAYOR as colorist on the GRAPHIC NOVEL and Glenn Whitmore on the Villains' origins book so we have some AMAZINGLY-talented colorists onboard.

Let me show off this great page by Barry:

The news I wish I didn't have to say is that I think we will be delayed 2-4 months in getting the book out --  we are just juggling quite a few books on this kickstarter so the delay is NOT the artists - they are on time and doing great -- we are just adding various tidbits and brushing up colors and adding dialogue so I hope you will all understand -- we are absolutely not a kickstarter that takes money and doesn't produce -- we are just running a bit behind -- to make it up to everyone, I will be providing a digital 5 page bonus story to all backers --

I will start posting some more artwork as well so folks can see more progress - I want to show off this Ramona Fradon/Mick Gray page

Again, we are so sorry for the delay but please know that it is because we simply want the book to be great and are taking our time to get it there -- the artwork is amazing and I know you will all be thrilled -- 

Roughs for Origin of the Cobra
Roughs for Origin of the Cobra

Here is one of our One Page Origins - PAUL GULACY + a Bart Sears Kickstarter
about 5 years ago – Sat, Feb 23, 2019 at 12:29:13 AM

The pages are pouring in and we'll have more to say soon -- thought you'd all enjoy seeing one of the one page origins -- THE CLAW by Paul Gulacy.

Also, great kickstarter going on by Bart Sears -- Here is the link:

Kickstarter Art Rewards --
over 5 years ago – Sat, Feb 16, 2019 at 01:31:37 AM

 Folks  - I wanted to show off a bunch of the art rewards as many of them are done and in the mail.  Here are the rewards by Doug Braithwaite, Jim Cheung, Alan Davis, George Perez and Mark Buckingham.